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The occurrence of change in construction is unavoidable, our industry professionals offer claim preparation services where we can identify, analyze, and assess the impact of changes which have occurred to enable contractors reserve their rights and resolve disputes effectively.

What range of Claims Services do we offer?

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  1. Identify and document potential issues that may lead to a claim.
  2. Review the contract terms and identify any relevant clauses that relate to the claim.
  3. Gather all relevant documentation, including contracts, correspondence, change orders, and invoices, to support the claim.
  4. Analyze the impact of the issue on the project’s scope, schedule, and budget, and quantify the impact of the claim.
  5. Prepare a clear and concise claim that includes a detailed description of the issue, supporting documentation, and a quantification of the impact on the project.
  6. Submit the claim in accordance with the contract terms, including any required notification periods and formatting requirements.
  7. Work with contractors and their clients to negotiate and resolve the claim.
  1. Analyze the project schedule, critical path activities and dependencies.
  2. Identify the event(s) that caused the delay.
  3. Analyze the impact of the delay including the critical path, non-critical activities, and total float.
  4. Determine whether the delay is excusable or non-excusable under the contract terms.
  5. Quantify the delay in terms of time, cost, and resources. Determine the cost of the delay, including additional labor and materials, and any lost productivity.
  6. Determine responsibility for the delay based on the contract terms, including any notice requirements, and the actions of the parties involved.
  7. Develop the mitigation plan.
Disruption claims in construction occur when work is disrupted, impacting the productivity of labor, the progress of the project, and ultimately resulting in additional costs on the contractor. These disruptions can arise from a variety of issues, such as design changes, unforeseen site conditions, and changes in work sequence. Sustainable Group’s effective management of disruption claims is based on our expert’s careful planning, detailed documentation, and strong communication skills.

Acceleration claims in construction occur when a party is required to complete work more quickly than originally planned. This can arise due to a variety of reasons, such as delays caused by the client, changes in the scope of work, or unforeseen site conditions. Acceleration claims can lead to additional costs, lost productivity, and increased risks to safety and quality.

We at Sustainable Group help our clients by identifying the event(s) that led to the acceleration, and quantify the acceleration in terms of time and cost.

Unforeseen and differing site conditions typically include circumstances such as the presence of dangerous materials, unexpected subsurface soil or rock conditions, unrecorded underground utilities, hidden structures, or adverse weather conditions that were not reasonably foreseeable at the time of contract formation.

Sustainable team helps contractors to build a formal claim, providing supporting documentation, and demonstrating the conditions encountered in order to get time extensions and compensation.


  1. Variation Based Claims
  2. Force Majeure
  3. Changes in Law
  4. Unprecedented conditions such as COVID-19
  5. Material Escalation

Sustainable Group’s claims mitigation and avoidance services help contractors to minimize the risk of claims arising by their subcontractors during the course of the construction project.

We work closely with contractors to identify potential areas of risk as well as developing strategies to mitigate them.

Disagreements or conflicts regularly occur in construction projects, however, under most circumstances such matters can be easily avoided through well drafted contract documents and good communication between the parties.

Sustainable offers expert services and advice to help its clients better prepare for conflict avoidance in the interest of reducing the exposure of disagreements during the execution of construction on Site.

Where disagreements cannot be avoided, Sustainable offers expert guidance and support on other various methods of dispute resolution including Mediation, Litigation and Arbitration.

Where possible, there is also an incentive for clients to resolve conflicts outside of Arbitration and Litigation and try to resolve such conflicts through discussion and negotiation in the interest of reaching an amicable settlement.