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Our Project Control Services are a set of activities and processes we apply in order to monitor, control, and manage the projects throughout its lifecycle.

Sustainable team uses various tools and techniques to track project progress, identify potential risks, and manage project resources effectively.

What range of Services do we offer?

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Sustainable Project Planning activities are the critical aspect of project control services as it sets the foundation for effective project management:

  1. Define Project Objectives
  2. Scope Definition, including deliverables, tasks and activities required to achieve the project objectives.
  3. Activity Sequencing, we determine the logical order and dependencies of the project activities to identify the Critical Path
  4. Resource Identification and allocation
  5. Schedule development: We use scheduling tools to create the project schedule by assigning start and end dates to each activity, considering the dependencies and resource availability.

Sustainable’s performance monitoring services involves the systematic tracking, analysis, and evaluation of various project aspects to ensure that the project is progressing according to plan and meeting its objectives.

Our service focuses on providing valuable insights on the project status, identifying potential issues or deviations, which allow for timely corrective actions.

Risk assessment and mitigation: Our team works on identifying potential risks and uncertainties that may impact project outcomes.

We Develop risk mitigation strategies to minimize the likelihood and impact of such risks. This includes contingency plans, alternative approaches, or risk transfer strategies.

We address potential changes in project scope, schedule, or resources.

Then define the roles and responsibilities for change control, including the process for evaluating, approving, and implementing changes.

Involves monitoring & managing project expenses to ensure project is completed within the allocated budget.