Quantity, Optimize, Succeed: Our Formula for Project Excellence

Sustainable Group provides a collaborative partnership approach to its clients to ensure our recommendations are right for your organization.

Our experienced consulting professionals provide effective leadership and expertise to improve the commercial position of the project and to contractually protect the organization in case of any dispute.
Our sharp attention to detail and knowledge of leading industry practices and methods will lead to the improvements needed for the successful completion of a project.

What range of Services do we offer?

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Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management is a fundamental aspect to ensuring the financial success of any project. With strong commercial awareness, Sustainable Group’s Commercial Team offers a wide range of skills and services to help our clients reach their goals on both pre-contract and post contract sides:
  • Pre-bid preparation submission/review
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Budget planning
  • Contract preparation & negotiation
  • Procurement & Tendering
  • Risk Management
  • Financial reporting
  • Quantification and costing
  • Value Engineering
  • Valuation
  • Final account preparation
  • Whole life costing
As Sustainable, we understand the importance the commercial role plays on a Project. Successful cost management relies on being an integral member of the project team ensuring that cost control is an active and dynamic process, anticipating both construction and whole life cycle cost.Our approach is based on best value principles that ensure the emphasis of our service is all about understanding and achieving the client’s objectives.Our Quantity Surveyors have a clear understanding of the economic landscape and how to ensure that Clients benefit from the opportunities, and always protected from risks. Our Quantity Surveying service builds on traditional principles and methods established over the last century, whilst leading the industry’s advances in procurement, technology, and sustainability.

At Sustainable Group, we provide advice and assistance to clients in the Contracts Field of Construction Industry. Construction industry is classified a risky, high-stakes business. With the increased competition in this business field, we assure that our clients will be provided with high professional services by operating within a contractually governing environment. 

Sustainable Group is prepared to provide ongoing support in assessing its client’s contract with regards to its performance requirements. Additionally, contracts are usually drafted to shift risk down from one part to another as a part of many risk management strategies. Sustainable Group recognizes this trend and provides analysis and recommendations on how risk can be mitigated and or avoided.

Productivity in a project directly affects the time and money which has the upper hand importance in the Construction Industry.

While other industries have a trend of continued growth over the past few years, construction productivity has seen to have a steady decline. At Sustainable Group, we have a team of productivity specialists that would help your company model a system to assure your project run more smoothly and save you time and money.

Sustainable’ s Productivity service offers construction companies and clients a clear model to increase productivity of construction projects. The model includes three stages:

  • Measuring the actual productivity
  • Managing the productivity
  • Improving productivity continuously

Sustainable Group is aware that every minute of lost production equates to a lost financial gain. With Sustainable’ s team of productivity experts, your project would surely run smoothly and save you time and money with the help of our modelled system.

The experts at Sustainable Group are well experience of the factors that affect labor productivity, how it varies between trades and specialties, and how fluctuations might occur over the course of a project. These information are very essential in modelling methods that are suitable for your project, for identifying productivity problems, and for formulating recommendations that are most appropriate for you and your team.